Relentlessly Focused on Customer Experience

At Simply Group, we’re focused on innovation that improves the customer experience. At the end of the day, focusing on the customer is what will ultimately drive our success.

We’ve always prided ourselves in being creative, out-of-the-box thinkers, and the customer journey is no different. We are constantly working to identify antiquated processes and ways of thinking so that we can develop innovative solutions that are customer-focused and that set us apart from our competitors. Simply put, we want to be able to provide a customer experience that surpasses any other in the industry. Take our digital journey and infrastructure, for example; this was built with a singular goal of providing an improved customer experience and seamless journey.

“My goal as the leader of customer experience is for our company to ‘wow’ our customers, ensuring we consistently deliver an experience that is above and beyond their expectations,” explains Tasleemah Ladak, Simply Group’s Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience. “We do that by hiring the very best people who, like me, are obsessed with providing the greatest possible customer experience and giving them the best training, processes, tools, and incentives to deliver exceptional results.”

Our approach to customer experience is guided by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is known as the gold standard of customer experience metrics. NPS measures the loyalty of a customer based on how likely they are to recommend a company or service to a friend. At Simply Group, we report against NPS corporately and this is one of the key metrics that Tasleemah uses to drive her team’s strategy.

We’ve developed a process that enables our customer experience to evolve over time based on the feedback that our frontline team members are collecting. We then use that feedback to identify actionable insight, which Tasleemah and her team use to enhance the customer journey. This is a constant, ever-revolving process that requires ongoing dedication, but it’s what helps to improve the team’s results every single day.

“By focusing on the customer and identifying innovative solutions to improve the customer experience, we know we will be successful because our track record has shown it time and time again,” says Tasleemah. “This has truly been the foundation of our success and will, without a doubt, continue to drive the growth of Simply Group in the future.”