Employee Spotlight: Tasleemah Ladak

When Simply Group started back in 2013, the goal was to build a thriving business that helped Canadians reduce their carbon footprint by increasing their home’s energy efficiency. Over the years, the company has evolved to become both a leading choice for energy-efficient home comfort equipment as well as Canada’s non-bank lender of choice. Throughout this expansion, there’s one thing that has always remained at the forefront for the company: a focus on cultivating a positive and constructive workplace culture, one that supports both the professional and personal development of its people. One team member who lives and breathes this Simply Group culture is Tasleemah Ladak, Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience.

Tasleemah’s team is responsible for ensuring that Simply Group customers have an experience that goes above and beyond their expectations. She is extremely passionate about delivering a positive customer experience and it’s at the forefront of every decision that’s made in her department. One of Tasleemah’s greatest keys to success is her ability to recognize talent and work with those individuals to instill the right work ethic, approach, and processes to cultivate top performers within the organization.

“As a tenacious and goal-focused entrepreneur at heart, I am never satisfied with the status quo,” says Tasleemah.“That means I strive to help our teams realize their potential every day and always look for ways to leverage our collective passion, intelligence, and innovation to continue to offer the best customer experience in the industry.” It’s through this collective team effort that Tasleemah and her team have successfully helped Simply Group brands grow their Google reviews to a point where they are all now above four out of five stars.

While Tasleemah collaborates very closely with her team on customer experience, she also drives the Simply Group culture in her department by being a big advocate for work-life balance. “Having a healthy balance between work and home life is critical to any employee’s success. You can’t be your best self at work if you don’t take the time to step away, recharge and reset at home,” says Tasleemah.

So, how does she do it herself? “I manage my time by effectively planning and scheduling my work and personal life. This includes knowing what my priorities are, sticking to my plans and schedules, committing to timelines and events I can actually deliver on, and most importantly…hot yoga.”

Tasleemah Ladak is one of many Simply Group team members who promote and foster a positive culture, and who have helped to make us a certified Great Place to Work® for six years in a row. Our customer-facing company, Simply Green Home Services, was most recently named one of the 50 Best Workplaces™ in Canada for 2021 and recognized as a 2021 Best Workplace™ for Women, a recognition that’s particularly special for Tasleemah. “I couldn’t be prouder to be part of a company that puts its employees first and that truly values all of its people, men and women alike.”